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YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

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I’m just one tiny voice in The Legend of Korra fandom but, Nickelodeon is putting the show on a hiatus due to ratings. These ratings are due to their lack of advertising. We love our show a lot and a lot of work has been put into it. I am asking that all fandoms come together to watch Legend of Korra at 8ET THIS FRIDAY to boost ratings. I know this many not do anything, but it’s worth a shot. You don’t even have to watch it, as long as the TV is on. This would mean the world to us. So Reblog and signal boost this post!

Look, I know I’ve got lots of followers that aren’t in this fandom. When y’all needed help with Supernatural against the crazy fangirls, I as well as thousands of others watched your show. We didn’t exactly know what was going on, but we knew we had to help. Now we’re asking for your help. Nick has always had it out for the Legend of Korra, ever since the creators decided to make the main character a woman, and a woman of color at that.

Our story is this: There hadn’t been a word from Nickelodeon about the Legend of Korra for months. Then, out of nowhere, Latin America accidentally leaked 4 episodes (3-6) of book 3. A few days later, Nickelodeon released a trailer for book 3 and said they would be airing the Legend of Korra…in one week. When confronted about their lack of advertising (about 1 Korra commercial for every 10 SpongeBob ones), Nickelodeon simply told us to “tell our friends about it!” Between the lack of advertising, and, well, the lack of advertising, you can hardly blame us when we only got 1.4 million views on the premiere. Which, by the way, was an awkward clumping of the first 3 episodes (and they’ve released 2 episodes at a time since).

Nickelodeon had done next to nothing to promote the show that is easily the best show they’ve made in years. No promos, no merchandise; they don’t even show reruns!

So, yes, everyone should watch the Legend of Korra this Friday. It’s at 8 Eastern Time on Nickelodeon.

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All those facts and figures I saw of the Doctor’s life, you were never alone. All those bright and shining companions.

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Bad news


Greendude33's Dailymotion account has been trashed. All but three of his videos have been removed. Whether he did it himself or whether BBC Worldwide finally came down on him, I don’t know yet.

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When I say “who am I”, reverse the fantastic geronimo of the jellybaby flow. Allons-y, Chesterfield!
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Wait a minute…

I have been laughing at this for hours now…

So, true story. The woman in this photo is Kendra Kaplan. Her husband was in Iraq for twelve months but the military has this thing called leave. Some of us may recognize the concept from old episodes of Star Trek. In this photo she is five months pregnant after conceiving her second child during her husband’s leave. That envelope in her hand is the ultrasound results. She waited for him to come home to find out if it was a girl or a boy.

There’s been several articles about it.The photo resulted in this woman receiving so much hate mail, from both internet cut-ups and the actual media, that she even took a paternity test and provided proof of her husband’s leave schedule. Her real life friends have stopped talking to her over these rumors.  

Oh, and by the way, that baby bump is a two year old by now. People are still shitting on this woman over a nasty internet meme two years later.

So in short, you’re mocking a faithful wife for something that isn’t any of our damn business anyway and has long since been disproven. 

Good job Internet.

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How long are you gonna stay with me? Forever.

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If You've Ever Wondered How Old The Companions Were...

  1. Susan: 15
  2. Ian: 27
  3. Barbara: 23, but made older after casting?
  4. Vicki: 14
  5. Steven: unknown, but peter purves was 26
  6. Katarina: unknown, but adrienne hill was 28
  7. Sara: unknown, but jean marsh was 31
  8. Dodo: 17
  9. Polly: 24
  10. Ben: 24
  11. Jamie: 18
  12. Victoria: 14
  13. Zoe: 15
  14. Liz: 27
  15. Jo: 20
  16. Sarah Jane: 22
  17. Harry: unknown, but ian marter was 30
  18. Leela: unknown, but louise jameson was 26
  19. Romana: 125
  20. Adric: 14
  21. Nyssa: unknown, but sarah sutton was 20
  22. Tegan: 21
  23. Turlough: unknown, but mark strickson was 24
  24. Peri: 18
  25. Mel: 25
  26. Ace: 16
  27. Grace: unknown, but daphne ashbrook was 33
  28. Rose: 19
  29. Mickey: 24
  30. Jack: unknown, but john barrowman was 38
  31. Martha: 22
  32. Donna: unknown, but catherine tate was 39
  33. Wilfred: unknown, but bernard cribbons was 80
  34. Amy: 21
  35. Rory: 21
  36. River: unknown, but alex kingston was 48
  37. Clara: 24
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