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This will help you write good.

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Rose vs. her greatest enemy: the locked door

It doesn’t have to be a door:

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Last week we had a mystery week at school, with all kinds of workshops and stuff. This was part of it.

We also had lessons where we were watching Lie to Me and BBC Sherlock (series 2). What can I say, it was a good week.

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I was bored :D

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There’s this guy who has some really good and intelligent reviews. He is Hungarian, but for Captain America 2 he did a video in English, so if you liked the film check it out.

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Happy Birthday David Tennant (18/04/1971)! 

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By Stewart McKenny

(Ignore the slightly dodgy quality, and my name my scanner isn’t the best)

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el padre del realismo mágico, el campeón del amor, y uno de los autores más importantes de todos los tiempos. cien años de soledad cambió mi vida… descanse en paz, gabriel garcía márquez. (3/6/27-4/17/14) 

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theamazingcat replied to your post: When I saw an article entitled “Doctor Who and the Women” I was looking forward to it… until the author said River Song = Rose Tyler…. -.-

Oh and fuck this article for calling Rose Tyler, the Tenth Doctor’s girlfriend, basically negating everything she ever did and acting as if she never called the Doctor out on his bullshit, b/c clearly only Donna Martha n Rose were only love interests

IKR….  I’m just like “you have no idea what you’re talking about and clearly just needed to write something for your editor quickly despite only a passing familiarity with this show, so you’re spouting garbage and I’m kinda done with you”. Such drivel.

No matter how badly she wants to be the one to give him what he needs, she can’t live up to the challenge – she’s not alien enough to survive an attack from his enemies, and she’s trapped forever in a timeline he can’t enter.”

It says much about an article when the writer doesn’t even bother to get facts right.